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Bob Cenk has a passion for real estate, and his coaching philosophies are identical to those that, as a high-altitude mountain guide, took him to the tops of the highest mountains in the world. Focus on mastering the basics. Learn through self-discipline, practice and repetition. Train, and gain endurance through small steps that continually enhance performance. Reach the top of the profession and achieve personal life goals by mastering a set of distinctive capabilities, by training constantly, and by using tools and techniques that are easily implemented and produce exceptional client delight.
Bob led hundreds of clients safely and enthusiastically as they ascended dangerous, snow-covered peaks, and he is prepared to guide you to the summit of real estate. Get started today. Now. Bob reminds himself every day that the combination of training, learning, and coaching can take anyone from Base Camp to…
World Domination, One House At A Time!
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"You delivered in a way that I didn't think was possible. My team is completely on board with an "All Hands On Deck" attitude." – John M.

"After meeting Bob Cenk early in 2012... Our business grew an amazing 80%!" – Joy Daniels

"I absorbed more practical ideas and knowledge about business and marketing in one week than in all my years of college and seminars combined." – Jimmy Hill

"After 20+ years in the real estate industry I found the magic pill in Bob Cenk." – Denise Swick

"His vision and energy inspire me to make changes, work on my business, and take my life back." – Morgan Walz

"I was very impressed with all the different systems you developed to improve, and ultimately change, the real estate industry." – Patti Booth

"Bob Cenk has truly made me a better person and professional in just 5 days!" – Catherine A. Cable

"The Bob Cenk training is an absolute must for sales people and administrative staff!" – Sue Miller

"Bob's customer service methods are the Top in the Industry.." – Brett Lowey

"Bob opened my eyes to a whole new world of possibilities for approaching not only my real estate business, but my life as well." – Shawn Lowery

"Bob Cenk is turning the world of real estate sales on its head and he's doing it one agency at a time!" – Theresa Wood

"Spending a week with Bob will radically transform Your Team, Your Vision of the Industry and very possibly, Your Life!" – David Kingston

"Bob is simply the most efficient, knowledgeable, and computer savvy realtor I know. His systems he has developed and implemented are second to none. He is the leader in his industry." – Byron Balcom

"Wow, not just another team approach!! To learn about a system that gives quality service to our clients and free up personal time at the same time is amazing." – Leslie Spence Reeder

"The week that my team and myself spent with Bob Cenk was the very best training I have ever received in the time that I have been a licensed real estate specialist.....on the very first day." – Brandi Lowe

"Back in 2007, when I first met Bob, he shared with me his Thank You Card methods. Just that one idea alone makes tens of thousands of dollars per year!" – Frank Profeta

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